Freitag, 28. Dezember 2012

Thank you for an amazing year 2012 !

This post is in English, because it goes out to so many people all around the world! :)

2012 has been an amazing year ! I am very thankful for the awesome and unique experiences I made in the past months. I learned alot.
There were people and friends that left my life - some of them unexpectedly and sadly, but I wish them all the best. There were even more people and friends that entered my life - and I am grateful that I got to know them and made long-lasting friendships. Traveling alone to so many places taught me alot about myself and important things in life. People always welcomed me with friendlyness and an open heart. I have never been more happy and lucky! I fell in love many times - with people, places and music. Music is linked to so many events and emotions - having fun with me true and closest friends at home, dancing on Beijing's rooftops, a pinoy friend singing my favorite song for me in a crowded cafe in the Philippines....
Thank you all for being part of this amazing year, which has definetely been a milestone in my life! ♥

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